Corporate Profile
Board of Directors

Originally founded in 1993 by Chairman and CEO, Mr. Kin Sun Sze-To, Plastec Technologies operated as an integrated plastic manufacturing services provider in the People’s Republic of China and Thailand through its wholly owned subsidiaries.

Following the closing of the Share Transfer Agreement in October 2016, the Company’s continuing operations consist of:

completing the construction of its manufacturing plant in Kai Ping, China, which is intended to be disposed of to Shanghai Yongli Belting Co., Ltd. (“SYB”) prior to its official operation at a price equivalent to the capital used for its construction, subject to terms and specifics to be agreed upon by the parties concerned in due course;
collecting rental income from certain property the Company owns and that is being leased to one of the subsidiaries of Plastec International Holdings Limited;
collecting any payments we may receive upon Plastec International Holdings Limited achieving the performance targets for the years ended December 31, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as described in the Agreement; and
exploring other investment opportunities.

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